Friday, 24 June 2016

British & European

I'm disgusted with both sides of this referendum campaign. Politicians and leaders whom the British people have looked to, for advise and information have turned the debate into one of polarised extremist views.
Instead of facts and information we have been bombarded by name calling and lies, from both sides of the debate.
Institutions such as the Bank of England and Treasury, instead of providing a steady hand and confidence, have joined in the debate and taken sides.

Media coverage has also been appalling.
Instead of informing and enlightening, we have seen speculation and endorsed propaganda.
The media have fuelled the polarised campaigns.

The Referendum was a decision to be made by the British People.
Not a Government Quango. Not the Corporate sector. Not a privately funded lobby group.
The only winner out of this is democracy - the people have spoken.
A decision has been made by the people.

Like it or not - You have to get behind that decision.

Who knows what lays ahead.
As far as I'm concerned it is business as usual, as a Britain and as a European.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

UK Data plans and coverage.

UK Data plans and coverage.

  • Visiting the UK and wondering how to get On-Line? 
  • Need advice on a SIM card for your phone or tablet and not sure what is available in the United Kingdom?
  • You do not want to pay Data roaming charges visiting the UK?

O² - pronounced 'Oh two'

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Rough guide: 
  • £15.32  2GB + Unlimited wifi


Rough guide:   
  • Standard Sims for £10.49 Pre-loaded with 1GB and valid up to 30 days.
  • Micro Sims for £7.49 1GB 1 Month.
  • Micro Sims £15.00 10GB 1 Month.